The program includes such basic business subjects as management accounting, economics, marketing, law, human resource management, labour relations, and business systems computer software applications. These courses will give students an introduction to current business practices, preparing them to apply a disciplined and professional approach to management. Lectures are supplemented by case studies and group discussions.


Career Opportunities:


Administrator : Administrators carry out and oversee administrative tasks to ensure an organisation runs smoothly. They may have specific areas of responsibility – such as human resources, budgets, accommodation and property facilities and records – or act in a more general capacity.


Business Analyst

 : Business Analysts identify business needs and problems, and devise solutions and long-term strategies in response. They compile and review business data; liaise with management and other stakeholders; and generally provide planning and advice for project and workplace issues or business strategies.


Business Development Director: 

Business Development Directors create and oversee the execution of business plans. They identify new markets and sources of revenue, plan strategies to cope with changing business conditions, and define business objectives. They are responsible for overseeing the activities of Business Development Managers.


Quarry Business Manager



: Quarry Business Managers establish and maintain site or business unit management systems, plans and policies. They manage major incidents and emergencies, and develop solutions to technical problems or management requirements.


Senior Executive : Senior Executives undertake a variety of high-level business tasks. They may plan and coordinate operational activities; provide leadership, management and specialist advice; and build and maintain business relationships. They may be responsible for policy and project planning, or the coordination of projects or day-to-day activities.